Denise, The Founder

“I’ve struggled with body issues ever since I was a child. I have always been chubby and I hated being called the chubby girl. It took me a while to get to where I am now and one thing that I can say about finally accepting myself is how much easier my life has become”. @denisemmercedes

Shaira, The Photographer

I created #becauseitsmybody a year ago because as a plus size model, I get criticized all the time and I know how difficult it can be to let someone’s negativity bring you down. I want #becauseitsmybody not only to be a body positive campaign but I want it to be a platform where other people can relate to one’s stories and feel inspired and motivated. I want this to be a positive community where we can all support and uplift each other.


“People have criticize me for my facial expressions . They say I look mean but they don’t even know me. There is nothing greater than a person living their life the way they want in the body they want.”


“Something I’ve been criticized about and still get is not meeting industry beauty/modeling standards, meaning not being the “typical” look when it comes to my appearance, height, and or body size/shape. But my advice to anyone starting their body positive journey is to never give up your journey. You are capable of anything you can dream of. If it is something you truly want to accomplish you must fight for it. Remember these three things: remember your purpose, stay true to yourself, and do what you love.”

Sarah A.

 “Body Positive I think at it’s core is just being able to be comfortable in your own
skin, trying to detach your opinion from societal norms or expectations. Being able to be bombarded with a certain aesthetic that for the most part hasn’t changed in the last few decades and still believe that the skin that you’re in is valid and worthy even if it doesn’t fit the level I think especially for women it means being accepting that another woman’s started of beauty need not coincide with yours.”


” I’ve gotten criticized for wearing too much makeup and for wearing very low cut tops and showing too much cleavage but I always tell people that I wear makeup because it’s fun and I like it NOT because I feel it’s necessary. I show off my girls because it makes me feel sexy and I do what I do for me and nobody else.  Love your body, love yourself, love all your imperfections, they’re what make you unique.
They make you, you. As a Transgender woman my physical body is only a small part of what makes me different, but a large part of what makes me unique!”


“I’ve been criticized for “not eating” or eating just to throw it all up to keep this “figure”. They have also said that I show off my body for other’s approval or attention when in reality, I have finally come to terms with my long limbs and I accept them and digest it all as beauty, sexiness, and individuality. Life is way too short to spend another day at war with yourself.”


“People have criticized me for being too tall and chubby. Body Positive is being comfortable in your own body; not shaming anyone about their
body. Not wishing you had someone else’s physical appearance.”


“People tell me I should watch my weight, I do watch it and I love it. My motto is to inspire others to LOVE their body purely at any size.”


“Strangers criticize me for being too fat to wear the clothes I wear but I don’t care because I love the way I dress. Body positive means doing it because you love your body, not because you hate it. After all, nobody important benefits from  self-hatred.”

Bri C.

“I have been told that my ribs are visible because I’m am too skinny but I don’t care because its my body. Find your confidence within yourself and be happy in your own skin.”


“Being yourself unapologetically inside and out, that’s what body positivity is.  Loving yourself so hard that your “imperfections” no longer have a hold on you. It’s about being patient and accepting the process because learning to love yourself is NOT linear. It’s a tough journey, but a beautiful one. You’ll get to a point where you are just like “you don’t have to like it because I bang with me heavy and that’s all that matters to me.”


“People have criticize me for my face, its not perfect but that does not stop me from achieving my dreams. People have asked me for the way I dress, but I still don’t let that stop me and now all of a sudden, the people who judged me in the past now like the way I dress. People easily judge you by how you look or by your size but it’s really how you wear your size and beauty that makes you who you are not what you are”.


“People have criticize me for my hair, but that is how I like it and that is what makes me, me. Body positive to me is the way I view fashion, a lot of people running around not giving a fuck. A whole lot of heads turning around asking wtf? And the actual person rocking the clothes in his or her own little world “working that stuff” ya digg?”